Building Blocks: Borden Drive House


Project Details                                                                                                                         

Existing home: 1060 sq.ft.




Addition: 1,614 sq.ft. (added square footage)                               

Master Suit: 322 sq.ft.

Entry:56 sq. ft.                      

New 2 story Garage: 664 sq.ft.                                                 


Concept: Building Block:

The Borden Drive House is composed of 4 connected volumes or blocks, three new to compliment the existing single story, Mid Century, Cape. A second story was added to the Cape and serves as a master suite. A two story structure was built from the ground up and acts as a one car garage, a ski tuning workshop, and an office. A single story enclosed breezeway connects the two first floor spaces and creates a sheltered entryway to the home. As the house is situated on the North/South Axis of the site and the existing plumbing was centrally located, the space planning was relatively simple.

Client: This renovation and addition was designed to suite the needs of a young, active, growing,family. The owners are both professionals and athletes with an energetic toddler. As they are both biathlete skiers and avid bikers they needed a place to store and tune the plethora of gear they share between them,in addition to, the paraphernalia required for their growing son and that of a possible future sibling.

In the summer, the owners are also devoted gardeners. Throughout the year,when not outdoors, the family tends to gather in their kitchen. We decided to relocate the kitchen to the south side of the home in order to access the most available light, adjacent garden produce, and outdoor cooking/dining.Alternately, The darker space on the north side of the home is ideal for a cozy gathering and media viewing living room space.

The master suite is intentionally removed from the primary family activity places in the home. These young parents wanted the master suite to feel as much as possible like their space, where in at the end of the day they may escape the pace of family life and retire (even if briefly)to a quiet place of respite and enjoy the mountain viewed clearest from their bed.

Both husband and wife frequently work from home so we created two office spaces both adjacent to the entry/exit in order to allow business tasks to be executed without disrupting family activities and vice versa.

Re-purposed Building Materials:

7 windows

cement board siding-infilled, patched+painted

sliding barn door from the existing garage

interior doors painted and reused

kitchen appliances

bathroom sink


From a pure design standpoint, the difference between designing a custom home in a neighborhood from the ground up, and starting with a typical mid century prefab is pretty negligible as the classic mid century cape is a very straight forward, dimensionally standardized 2×6 volume or block. However, on the building/construction side of the project, starting with this existing structure, with its enclosed walls and existing utility infrastructure makes a huge impact on overall efficiency and project costs.