Playhouzz: Houzz and the American Institute of Architects  teamed up to launch PlayHouzz 2016, a charitable playhouse design contest

The Wódr’s partially submerged barrel shape and askewed openings evoke images of primitive submarines cresting the water’s surface after a long journey. Whether searching for lost treasure, rescueing endangered sea creatures, or collecting rare aquatic specimens, The Wódr is a vessel for imaginative play. The Wodr, named for the adventurous and playful Otter, is designed to inspire a sense of adventure on the open sea, river or lake. The Wodr design is intentionally simple, allowing children the freedom to pretend and make believe. The water catchment system is intended to facilitate that goal by not only providing water for play, but also creating a sense that the vessel is submerged in water. When conditions are dry the blue-green tinted catchement volume and transparent floor cistern, with irredescent membrane liner, create a sense of submersion while inside the shipscabin.When it rains, the system performs in a way that mimics the earth’s watercycle thus creating an opportunity for children to make connections with the natural systems of our enviroment.